delivery vanm insurancePurchasing commercial auto insurance for your catering business requires careful planning and consideration. Your business often depends on your vehicles to get food to and from locations. A breakdown, a loss due to fire or even theft could mean your business not only has to recoup that loss, but also the loss of customers as well. Take a closer look at the types of coverage available to you for commercial auto insurance and the way it can help to reduce some of your risks in operating your business.

There are more than 11,000 catering companies in the country and revenue reaches $8 billion each year. To protect your business, invest in comprehensive coverage for all of these risks. Your commercial auto insurance should include:

Do you have the commercial auto insurance you need? Updating or improving the amount of coverage you have can help you to protect your business from suffering substantial losses in these instances. It can also help to keep your business protected against claims made against it, such as after a car accident. Don’t overlook the importance of this type of business insurance for your catering company, as well as coverage for other risks as well.

Are your vehicles covered?

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