Were able to insure me in spite of my records. Always friendly and accessible in taking payments or processing endorsements. Very hospitable...

Josimar S

Started a New Auto Policy with Concise Insurance Services.

Joseph G

Started a new policy for a second building I purchased.

Rometta W

I was helped in adding a new car to my auto insurance, it helped very much with speedy service.


The lady was very helpful in helping me with a payment for my auto policy and getting me a new quote for a motorcycle.

Miguel S

I have been with you guys so long I am very comfortable with your services, especially today being helped with my new auto policy.

Julie Annette J

I am comfortable with their service. I would definitely recommend them to my friends. Thank god I am happy with their service.

Pedro J

I liked the service - very helpful. I started a new policy with them again because of the service.

Faustino R

It's very important for me that they help me very fast, I am so thankful for their service.

Jose R

You have a lot of patience very helpful. I recommended a lot of friends and family. I would put 10 stars, I would in fact, invite you to eat.

Luis A A

I liked the fast service to make a payment on my auto policy.

Leticia V

I was tended to very well to make my monthly auto policy payment.

Gilberto C

This company is above and beyond helpful, I came merely looking for help finding a great deal on insurance and they ended up helping me in ways I could not imagine. A few months after purchasing insurance, my husband was in an accident and totaled our car. The other company we purchased from wanted to push us around. We came and told Concise of our situation and they did everything possible to work with the insurance and get things straightened out. They made sure we were treated fairly and went out of their way to do so. This is not just a business, but a caring company that really wants to help. I reccomend Concise to anyone and am so apprieciative of everything.

Natalie R

I like how I'm always attended rapidly.

Olga R

What I liked the most are the ladies helping me add a new vehicle to my auto policy.

Emanuel C

The service was good and I have been helped very well with my auto policy.

Claudia B

I liked everything especially being treated rapidly.

Francisco Igancio J

I have nothing but good things to say about Concise they are very caring always willing to assist in every way they can. I've been their customer over 7 years now.I truly recommend Concise Insurance. The staff is very attentive, efficient, fast and most important of all they are all very fast. Spanish speaking available, ask for Yadira. She is great and will return your phone calls!!!


It was easy to change my insurance plan today and the service is always excellent at this agency.

Yaser A

When changing cars on my auto policy I was serviced very well.

Baldo M

They treated me very well, I think their company and service is satisfying.

jorge a

It's a good service!

juan m

Been with this agency for over 10 years. Would not change them for any other! Caring and genuine. First people I call for all my insurance needs.

Kaiyd A

Love the service!

Ali E.

I am very pleased with the staff at Concise Insurance. They are polite, helpful, and they genuinely care about their customers. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Kaitlyn C

They have given me good service, I have years with this company.

fernando G

I think their agency and service are great!

buffy l

Great claims handling, and outstanding employees, highly recommend them.

Akil N

From company principal to CSR, all caring, all patient, all attentive and skilled staff.

Abdulsalam A

They have an excellent way of helping you to understand the coverages you have in your auto policy.

Eder C

Most accommodating - Very courteous, friendly , professional and helpful.

Ronald T

I am happy to give an excellent review for Concise Insurance Services. I have worked with a lot of insurance agencies and they are definitely the best. There is never a delay when I contact them. The customer service is great and they always offer me drinks or tea. The policy that they got me is also the best. Everybody in the office is very knowledgeable and professional. I recommend them!

Howard I

This company, service and agents are very good!

Rosalio C

The service, location, fast action service with a smile.

Carlos P

I liked the service the agent gave us. She helped me get full coverage on my truck. Very nice company, very helpful people, great service. Will definitely recommend!

Ramon S

I will have all of my family and friends come here.

Rometta W

They helped me with making a payment. They are very friendly. I had some question regarding insurance coverage in Mexico and got great answers.

Myriam W

Concise Insurance Services gave me what I needed, and that's why I keep coming back to them. Sal and all the others have great personalities and are very friendly. They always greet me with a smile. If they cannot do something, they will be upfront about it and tell you, but ninety-nine percent of the time they are able to do it. They always look for the best rates for their customers and that is why I refer others to them. I would have given them ten-stars if the rating system allowed it.

Rohnetta W

The agent is friendly and accurate, I have been a customer for many years and I will stay with them because of the good and friendly service that I keep receiving.

Felipa P

They are very polite and they looked for the best price for me. I like the way they work and the way they helped me. I will recommend them to my friends.


The service was excellent. We got all the help we needed.

Shani J

I found out they have insurance for out-of-state, even for Mexico.

Myriam W

I've been with Concise Insurance Services for almost ten years, and I've had no problems! They're very good to me, and I refer them to anyone who asks! Even if you don't ask, I will continue to refer them! They're a good company, so you should go with them!

Mohammed M

They reimbursed me once I requested cancellation! Honest people!

Jacqueline M

I liked everything about this company, they have good service and they have helped me in everything I asked. I have questions regarding my insurance and they were answered. I also needed proof that I had insurance back in 2008 and they helped me with that for my immigration case.

Edgar F

This company is quick to help you with what you need. I needed a copy of my ID cards and they gave it to me quickly!

Antonio C

They always greet me with a smile when I go to make my monthly payments.

Miguel P

They are very efficient with good and fast service.

Ludivilla Z

They helped me get insurance that fits my needs. I will recommend them.

Molham A

I went in to remove a vehicle from my policy because I had sold it. They are very very quick! Their service is magnificent. I would, of course, recommend them without any questions asked.

Yasminia O

Ranya from Consise Insurance Services was really awesome and nice. She went out of her way to get me different quotes for insurance, and I was really happy. The owner was really funny and nice. They offered me tea, and I didn't feel like I was at the DMV. They go out of their way to help their customers.

Daniel T

I like how she had a kind smile. Everything was perfect!

Gerardo G

Everything was fast, efficient and flexible.

Pedro J

They are an excellent team! I would strongly recommend them.

Rodolfo M

I like all the kindness from the ladies in the office.

Ricardo M

I enjoyed this agency's courtesy.


I have a lot of years with this company and I plan on starting with them.

Jose M

I like their service! They are very polite, and till now, everything has been fine, no problems at all.

Liliana G

Outstanding people with BIG Smiles. Offer good service. They make a great host. Great service!

Maria M

They always offer me tea when I come! I have been coming here a long time. Fast service and happy atmosphere.

Myriam W

I liked how the agent took the time to explain the coverages and even took out a white board that clarified things so well. I feel I can explain to the next person what I learned today.

Mudashiru Adetokunbo G

I certainly recommend their sevices to friends and familiy. They represent large number of insurance carriers for both commercial and personal lines. Good people!

Emad M

Superb service! Very pleasant to do business with them. Always do their best to offer help. I have a personal Automobile policy with them. Did recommend them to others.

Sinan A

Concise Insurance Services do everything for me whenever I call them about my car insurance. Whenever I have anything, I email him and they take care of it. Any questions about payments or adding a car, they'll serve you whenever you need and on a short time. I've been with them for a year and half, and they have very, very good service.

Ashraf A

I've been using Concise Insurance Services for over two years, and it's been a good experience. They provide me with whatever I need, and I have no complaints!

Jamal G

Love the service! Appreciate the speed of delivery. All comes with a big smile!

Henry S

Concise Insurance Services is very prompt. They take care of me, and they make me feel important. They don't waste my time, and the insurance prices are good.

Ihsan H

Really kind people with clients, no comments on their service. They are brilliant. 🙂

Jesus P

The workers here are really friendly and kind.

Jesus D

Very friendly and helpful! I thought that they were very helpful and very clear and understanding of everything I needed help with. They saved me a lot of money.

Kenia M

Everything was good, customer service was quick.

Siyazid K

I came in with a few questions about making a change to my auto policy and was very satisfied with the service.

Francisco M