Business Insurance in Oakland, CA

Icons of Buildings with Business Insurance in Oakland, CAWhether you’re running a restaurant in Oakland, CA’s Chinatown or an East Bay streetwear shop downtown, having the appropriate business insurance is crucial for your peace of mind. Though Oakland is home to plenty of businesses, the city is no stranger to natural disasters. Investing in the right business insurance policies will protect you against property damage and losses during an unforeseen event. 

As one of the top insurance companies for businesses throughout Oakland and the surrounding areas, Concise Solutions Insurance Services offers various types of business insurance. Regardless of your enterprise, we have the outstanding protection you need. 

General Liability and BOP Insurance in Oakland

General liability insurance is one of the best policies to have as an Oakland business owner. It provides coverage for your company in case you sustain property damage or if someone sustains an injury on your premises. Having general liability insurance for your business will help you avoid paying for damages, losses, and injuries out of pocket. 

Another type of business insurance policy to consider is business owner’s policy (BOP) insurance. A BOP plan protects businesses by providing general liability and commercial property coverage. Both aspects of BOP insurance are suitable for small to mid-sized companies and help cover things like debris removal and loss of business income for commercial properties.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Oakland, California

Man Moving Boxes on Forklift with Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Fremont, CA

If your Oakland business has employees, buying a workers’ compensation insurance policy is an excellent idea because of its coverage and because California requires businesses to have it. Workers’ comp will protect you in the event of an employee accident that results in an injury.

The policy will cover the employee’s medical expenses and other costs associated with the incident. For instance, workers’ comp insurance can cover temporary or permanent disability benefits, return-to-work supplements, supplemental job displacement benefits, and death benefits in case a workplace accident causes a devastating loss. 

As California’s eighth most populous city, Oakland is also one of the most diverse cities in the country. From its thriving culinary scene with local eateries and Michelin-starred restaurants to curated exhibits at the Oakland Museum of California and the Chabot Space & Science Center, there is truly something for everyone here. That includes plenty of opportunities for business owners who want to expand or establish their enterprises in a thriving community. 

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