When starting a new business, commercial insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. In the event of damages or a lawsuit, good commercial insurance can make the difference between going under and staying afloat and protecting your business from severe financial loss. It’s critical to understand the various kinds of commercial insurance and to work with a reputable agent to find the best policy for your business.

a pen, calculator, and glasses on top of a documents providing Commercial Insurance in Alameda, San Leandro, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Hayward, CA, FremontLet us look at the importance of having commercial insurance:


If you own a small business, it’s possible that you don’t have a department of human resources to deal with employee concerns or questions about signing up for group health and life insurance policies. You will be able to defer employee inquiries to your agent for resolution if you use an insurance agency for your employee benefit policies.


Your particular circumstances, in addition to your geographical location, may have an impact on the kinds and amounts of insurance you require. You can protect yourself against inadequate insurance coverage by working directly with an agent to discuss your circumstances and select the best coverage.


By working with an insurance agency to meet your insurance needs, you can get to know your agent better. This means that whenever you have questions or concerns about your insurance policy, you can talk to the same person. If a customer falls in your parking lot or a worker is injured on the job, you can call your agent for immediate answers rather than going through a lengthy statement of coverage.

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